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You know you deserve to live your dream life.

You are ready to commit to your dreams. You are done playing small. 

You are ready to embrace your freedom and to do what makes YOU happy.


You are tired of living by the rules and expectations of others. 


But there is a voice inside your head that keeps telling you the you can't.


And you are so concerned about what other people might think that you can't move forward


Well girl, t's time.


It's time you make peace with your inner voice and you let go of what other people think to start following YOUR dreams...


and I can show you how to do it.


Because I did it.



I loved it! It was more than I was expecting. It was inspiring and motivational I felt fully supported, and being guided with good vibes, patience and love. I admire Kendra so much


Thank you for EVERYTHING Kendra. you radiate happiness and trust. This was an incredible experience for me! I learned a so much and everything will help me get out of my head and into who I am.


Kendra, meeting you was an extraordinary experience. Thank you for cheering up my soul y changing  my way of looking at life. You are light, keep shining all around the world. Much love! 


International Workshops

Intensive in-person workshop to create your dream life within a small group of motivated and like minded girls. #rebelandfree

The Book

Break free from societal and family expectations and live YOUR dream life. #startyourownrebellion

Global Speaking

Get the motivation and exact tools your need to start living your dream life right away.

The Challenge

Life changing challenge to stop worrying about what people think, get clear on the next step towards your dreams and start living YOUR best life, in only 7 days! 

Kendra, you are an amazing person, someone to admire right away. Thank you for everything you shared, I LOVED it!


Meet Kendra

Kendra Araujo is an interior designer, author, speaker and world traveler who helps women break free from imposed expectations and create their dream life. 

After fulfilling her lifelong dream of traveling the world and visiting over 35 countries in less than 2 years, Kendra took a break fro her successful interior design firm against everyone's advice to help others achieve their dreams like she had achieved hers.  


Self-proclaimed "rebel and free”, Kendra wrote the book Mom is NOT always right and founded Rebel Lifestyle Design to empower girls in their 20's and 30's to follow their dreams, even if they go against their family's or society's expectations.


Besides her Bachelor Degree in Interior Design, Kendra has extended studies in the Science of Well-being from Yale University, she is a certified Wellness coach, a Rebel-Lifestyle Designer and the host of the Rebel and Live Your Dream Life podcast.

She has now been to over 40 countries, held live workshops and live challenges globally helping hundreds of women get closer to their dream life by following her step by step process. She has appeared on TV, radio and podcasts internationally. 


You can find her rocking her signature blonde curls, traveling in style with her husband, doing yoga or volunteering at local charities. 

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